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Poetry of The Last Four Books of Moses

- by Moshe Daniel

Dedication - Guided by Dreams - Around Back Goes the Bend -

BIG Z.D. - Abraham's Sons - LV2 - LV3

Ultimate Frisbee Song



I guess I’ll go mad, I can’t believe that you’re mine

That you would choose my hand and then step to the time,

That your body does follow, that I wish I could mime,

Cause your way is divine; I can’t believe that you’re mine.

I guess I’ll give up and serve as your steed,

quit trying to be right and let you also lead,

I can’t believe that you’re mine, it would mean greatness of me,

That you would walk through the trees and make a bear out of me.

How selfish I’ve been, trying hard to be good,

and strong, wise and wicked,

so you wouldn’t walk out of here,

Where heaven I’ve found, and so respect there the ground

Where you walk is the mound I’ve sought all my life.

There is sacred ground, and what I’ve searched for you’ve got,

And for what I strived and tried,

you have as your lot.

My love I am sorry, in need I forgot,

That love most divine is like Lancelot,

With honor his will, was the will of the Lady,

It swept all around and left the King all alone,

To sit in the cold on the stone of his throne.

And here I’m a man, so lucky I’ll pop,

And blow up in joy that I can take in my hand,

The hand of the hand of the gods that I’ve sought,

To be so I see, it’s so simple indeed,

The love that I wished for and wanted I’ve got,

And all I do, is down on one knee,

In honor I am married to serve you in care.

Keep shining so bright, I give for the pleasure,

In awe of you and the land where you stand,

Is blessed with a song, and birds hum for your feet,

Cause the step of your foot leave’s a drop that is sweet.

I searched all along in puzzles and words,

Yet the flap of the wings of the dove circles round,

Your head like a crown, of birds and fairies,

I am the guard of your grove, as you wish, if it please.

Thank God here is heaven. It is only for me,

To see I deserve, then I’ll serve and be free,

And down on one knee, I yield to your might

That is bright as the moon and soft as the night,

For you it’s all good, for you is my will,

I am an extension of that and so better off still,

My time of past stops, forward takes its start,

In Eden I wake and see the fruit we did take,

And oh God there you are,

I thought I had lost,

And lost so I was to be tops as the boss,

Cause here I am me, and here you are you,

And so together we fall, in the moment of now,

forever as Us, together as One.

I feel where you are and for myself done.


Contents Copyright © 2003-2010  Moshe Daniel Block, N.D.

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