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Learn to cross the threshold between oneness and duality, to re-enter the Kabbalistic world of Atzilut; the One World of Soul.

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   Moshe (Moses) Daniel is a Moses of Life, a man helping people out of the bondage of belief systems that limit and imprison them, systems that we have held onto since the time of the first Moses. And Moshe Daniel, ND, will help lead us straight into the Garden of Eden.

   Moshe Daniel is truly a Moses of Life. He is a naturopathic doctor, homeopathic master clinician, kabbalist, alchemist, teacher, guitar player, singer/songwriter, athlete, author, researcher into orgone technologies, Joe Cell, and other healing waters, speaks four languages, and is the founder of Every Nation Land. A graduate with Great Distinction from McGill University in Anatomy, he went on to get his medical degree at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. He then continued his studies with renowned homeopathic teacher Louis Klein, and graduated as a homeopathic master clinician, HMC. Combining knowledge from Kabbalah, alchemy, traditional Western and Eastern medicine, homeopathy, counseling, psychotherapy, nutrition, science, and  hands on healing work, Moshe has turned his unique gift for living and healing into a service to people everywhere.

   Referred to some as a "magician of nature," Moshe Daniel is known for a number of his discoveries, and one in particular. It is an amazing healing elixir, called the "Homeopathic Elixir of Life," made up of homeopathic remedies to heal our genetics on a very deep level. Included in the Elixir, is another one of Moshe's discoveries - the lost identity of the Tree of Knowledge for Good and Bad (the identity is revealed in Book 1), which Moshe is using homeopathically to heal the effects that Tree has had on humankind for thousands of years.

   The heart of Moshe Daniel lies in ancient knowledge that he is receiving in this day and age.  "It began with visions I had when I was thirteen. They were the first signs. I began seeing a symbol flashing in my field of vision." Moshe learned it was a signal that resonated with the lost vibration of Eden, a kind of echo from the original Paradise. It was his first link, his connection, to the lost knowledge of The Garden of Eden. Moshe emphasizes that the greatest sharing of Kabbalah that he is presently doing is through book 1 and book2 of The Last Four Books of Moses, and now, cutting edge and current transmissions from the Heart of the Earth - He wishes everyone to become acquainted with these vital and simple messages.



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