Finding A Cure for Myasthenia Gravis with Natural Healing, Homeopathy, & Alternative Medicine IS Possible.

Alternatives to Mestinon, Prednisone Thymectomy, Drugs available.

Moshe Daniel, HMC, ND

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Have you been struggling with myasthenia gravis? Have you been told myasthenia gravis is an incurable disease? Have you been given a poor prognosis for myasthenia gravis? Would you like to hear about the alternative treatments for myasthenia gravis, cures for myasthenia gravis, alternatives to mestinon, prednisone and one naturopathic doctor's healing success story personally dealing with myasthenia gravis? 

You've found help!

It is so rewarding for me to be able help people heal from this illness, as I have personally experienced it, and I know what the illness is like, and also how bleak it can be to hear the diagnosis and prognosis from conventional doctors. 

Finding a cure for myasthenia gravis without having to go through a thymectomy or going on steroids IS possible.

It is in the model of whole person, holistic medicine where the answer lies to curing myasthenia gravis.

With myasthenia gravis, conventional medicine has little to offer besides a poor prognosis and usually ineffective treatment. And the treatments that are sometimes effective are very invasive (like thymectomy) and not without considerable side-effects. 

Few people with myasthenia gravis have allowed themselves to seek care in Alternative medicine, because there is such skepticism toward any alternatives that is circulated around conventional medicine. It is a shame, because people are missing out on a superior and gentler medicine that they do not even give a chance.   

 In the alternative medicine field, there are many known cures for Myasthenia Gravis without Mestinon, without corticosteroids, without thymectomies, without blood transfusions. Lou Klein, a great homeopath in British Columbia Canada, for one, has cured several cases of myasthenia gravis using homeopathy. I, too, have helped several people come off all meds, not have the thymectomy, and be symptom free. Homeopathy is a very effective medicine for myasthenia gravis. I have had great success dealing with my personal experience with MG. I was diagnosed in 1995 and haven't stopped participating in any sports or activities since then. Good diet and nutrition is also important and can stop the progression of the disease, but it is not the most important factor, and click here for a list of drugs to avoid if you have myasthenia gravis.

The single most important factor in healing myasthenia gravis is addressing the cause which is predominantly in the mind and emotions of the person. Homeopathy is a great medicine to help do that, along with counseling and psychotherapy, to help the patient understand the link between their thoughts and behaviour, and the illness.

The Treatment and Philosophy of Healing For Myasthenia Gravis

    Auto-immune means that the immune system is attacking itself. In holistic medicine, we treat the person as a whole. If one's body is attacking itself, the person is therefore doing the same thing to themselves mentally and/or emotionally. "What's wrong with you? Why aren't you perfect?" This is a simplification of course, but in order to cure or heal myasthenia gravis, being an auto-immune disease, it has to be treated in its roots, which is most often found on the mental/emotional level. Working with myasthenia gravis patients in this way has enormous beneficial healing effects on the disease and on their overall health and well-being.

    Each case is unique. Each person got sick for a reason particular to them. Each person will heal by helping themselves deal with the specific and unique cause of the disease. I have seen many different types of causes, predominantly in the mental-emotional sphere - Suppression of anger - suppression of natural sexual feelings -  self-loathing due to perceived imperfections - the need to be perfect and pushing oneself to overachieve - need to meet some high standards set by parents, society - feeling helpless to make a change in the world, or in another's life.

Most of the causes of myasthenia gravis have some theme of self-loathing, self-hatred, non-acceptance of the self.

Over time, with a lot of patience, and active participation from the person with MG, I believe all cases of myasthenia gravis can be cured.  

In my practice, I have a very effective, gentle healing approach to help improve your health, quality of life, happiness, energy and vitality and overall well-being with this most difficult disease. I work with homeopathy, deep counseling work, and nutrition.

My practice is located in the beautiful city of Sutton, Quebec. Ideally, the first visit is in person, yet this is not always possible, as I see people suffering from Myasthenia Gravis from all over the world. We can do the visits on the phone, and ideally, if the patient has a good internet connection, I have been using SKYPE and also Logitek VID programs with excellent, clear communication over the internet, and this is free of charge - NO long distance fees, so the only fee for long distance is my service. (see below)download skype  

What to expect from the treatment:

The first visit involves quite a long history and case taking to get to the root and understand the person on the whole and what is causing their illness. The first visit can be up to 2 hours. The follow-ups are done in person if possible, or on the phone depending on each case and the location of the patient. The first visit is $250 CDN. Follow ups are $120 CDN per hour, and the follow ups are usually 30mins-1 hour. The healing can occur quickly, after a few visits, or it may take longer - up to several months - to begin noticing a real difference. It all depends on how well the person knows themself, and how easy it is for us to get to the bottom, to the cause, of the illness.    

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A graduate with Great Distinction from McGill University in Anatomy, Moshe Daniel went on to get his naturopathic medical degree, studying for four years at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. He then continued his studies in homeopathy with renowned homeopathic teacher Louis Klein, and graduated as a homeopathic master clinician, HMC. Combining knowledge from Kabbalah, alchemy, traditional Western and Eastern medicine, homeopathy, counseling, psychotherapy, nutrition, science, and hands on healing work, Moshe uses his unique healing gift and knowledge to help people lead happier, healthier lives and specializes in the treatment of myasthenia gravis. He has also published two books - Book 1 of The Last Four Books of Moses on Kabbalah and healing, and The Revolution of Naturopathic Medicine on the philosophy of medicine and healing. He presently runs his practice in Sutton, Quebec, continues to work on Book 2 of The Last Four Books and offers workshops, classes, and lectures in Kabbalah, homeopathy, and healing philosophy.

 The Naturopathy and Homeopathy Alternative Medicine Practice of Moshe Daniel Block, HMC, N.D. is located in Montreal, Quebec

The Naturopathy and Homeopathy Medicine Practice of Moshe Daniel Block, HMC, N.D. is located in Montreal, Quebec.

Tel: 514-966-9780


Montreal, Naturopathy, homeopathy, healing practice. - Moshe Daniel is a member of the Quebec Association of Naturopathic Medicine based in Montreal, which works with many private insurance companies that cover naturopathic medicine and homeopathy in Canada.


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