Nutopians - the name of the people of EveryNationLand

When I (Moshe Daniel) was first seeking a name for the citizens of this new world, I thought of "Utopian," because it really shares the right kind of feeling for this new land of abundance and universal love and freedom. Then I thought, "No, too well known a name and too many stigmas attached." So I went back to the drawing board and just sat and pondered and then the idea of 'Nutopian' came to me. I liked this a lot, and I thought I would give it a search on the web to see if this name existed anywhere else. What came up was that John Lennon, in his album, "Mind Games" wrote a song that is only 5 seconds long and is called "Nutopian International Anthem Song" - I got shivers and knew this was the right name for the citizens of this wonderful world - Nutopia. On the album, this song is blank. Why did John Lennon include this in this album? It is as if John Lennon knew that this was just to be used as a title, linked in the future to EveryNationLand - AN INTERNATIONAL ANTHEM SONG. This was part of John Lennon's gift to the World, along with his vision of Imagine, Nutopia, which is all very much in harmony with EveryNationLand. His song, "Imagine" really exemplifies this.

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