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Wilhelm Reich Pyramid Orgone Accumulator ORAC built with sacred angle PHI with Clear Quartz Crystal Capstone

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Several years ago, Moshe Daniel built an orgone accumulator (ORAC) modeled after the design of Wilhelm Reich. (this picture shows an ORAC built by Reich)

It is built with pressed wood and alternating layers of fiberglass and steel wool to absorb and concentrate the orgone (energy/Qi/Ki/prana) from the atmosphere. On the inside, it was encased in sheet metal, as shown in the picture. When sitting in the box, we felt its energizing, healing, and uplifting effects.
In 1997, Moshe Daniel suggested that his Dad, Johnel build one with the same materials and principles, yet in the shape of a pyramid with the proportions matching those of the Great Pyramids of Giza. The angles of the walls, the proportion of the height to the sides and the sacred geometrical angle of PHI were all built according to the Great Pyramids of Egypt.
It was a labor of love and quite a challenge for Johnel Block to cut the angles properly in the wood, all the while taking into consideration the thickness that the walls would be after the orgone accumulating stuffing was in place, the height of the pyramid and the relationship with the other walls.
Yet it was a wonderful success and the pyramid that now sits in our house is so powerful and so healing.


Orgone Accumulator Pyramid Enhancement Project

In 2011, Moshe Daniel realized that the orgone accumulator pyramid could use 2 enhancements. One was that it needed an additional pyramid in the sacred geometry of the pyramids of Giza, but instead of it being a "male / fire" pyramid, it would need to be a "female / water" pyramid. And the second enhancement was to build a metalic frame around the edges of the pyramid to capture an electro-magnetic resonance within the pyramid. This is the video illustrating the enhancement project:

The Miracle of The Crystal

Johnel left room at the top for a quartz crystal capstone that was very difficult to find. We searched everywhere for a pyramid-shaped crystal with the proper dimensions. We found many small pyramids that didn't remotely fit for the capstone of our pyramid. In the meantime, Johnel built a capstone made out of wood to perfectly fit on the top and for months and months the ORAC pyramid remained in this way, unfinished.
A year later, we found a 13.2 pound crystal pyramid that magically fit on top of our pyramid. The proportions were identical to the wooden capstone that John had built and the crystal fit magically on top of the pyramid. It was meant for Little Egypt and has added soooo much positive energy and power. It was truly a miracle!
There's a scroll paper inside Little Egypt that will have everyone's name that has entered the Circle of Nine. A little prayer will be said before each name is inscribed and placed in the pyramid. (Moshe Daniel's note here: All those who enter the Circle of Nine are TRULY blessed to receive the incredibly powerful blessing and prayer from Patricia Block, which she does lovingly and magnificently for EACH person who enters the Circle of Nine.) Because of the radionic properties of a pyramid with sacred geometry, the people whose names are inside of the pyramid will gain added energy and a great feeling of collectivity by being inside of such a powerful structure and by being aligned with the healing and loving intentions of those of the Circle of Nine.

Happy Healing on the path of personal awareness and spiritual growth.

Love and Light,
Patricia Block

Trish and Johnel at the Pyramids of Giza.

         Patricia blissfully meditating in Little Egypt.

         Johnel setting the crystal capstone in place.



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