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The following definitions are for words that I have either created or am using in a specific way throughout the book. When these words first appear, they are italicized and bolded. Thereafter, the first letter of the word is capitalized to indicate that it is being used in its specific sense.

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Adam Kadmon: iunse ost: This is the original form in which Adam existed before beyond the state of duality. It is in a state of Oneness, in which Adam is a whole, Light Being. The term applies to Adam’s state before eating from the Tree of Knowledge as well as after a Being has let go of Frmee Will. In the state of Adam Kadmon, you are Soul.


Afferent: “To receive.” In the body's nervous system, our sensory organs use the afferent pathways to transmit sensations from the outside to the brain. It is female in nature.


Ahava: vcvt: Love.


Ain Sof - ;uo iht: Without end. The infinite and undefined.


Allowishing: This is a will that we use to allow something to be exactly as we would love it to be. It is a will that doesn’t force or try too hard. It is effortless and aligned with our heart’s desire. “That which I wish to be, I allow myself to be.”


  Ashan: The civilization of creativity, colour, and music, related to the Kabbalistic World of Yetzirah. The terms Ashan and Hoova were taken from the book The Only Planet of Choice.


Assiyah: vhag: The Kabbalistic World of Body and Form that became doubled from the Divine Body into the physical body after the Tree of Knowledge. (Earth Element)


Atzilut: ,ukhmt: The Supreme Kabbalistic World that is eternally One and was never doubled by the Tree of Knowledge. In Atzliut, the Shekinah is the foundation of reality, all around, like a sea. It represents the World of the undefined Balanced Positive, male and female balanced as One, and includes the Heart and Tiferet from the Tree of Life. (Air Element)   

Auric field, aka The Aura: The energy field created by the body’s internal and external aura. The aura is our body in subtle, energetic form, perceivable with high sensory perception or the third eye.

Awebedience: Knowing our guidance must be carried out, not because we have to or we’re bad, but because the Will of our Higher Self beckons us to fulfill what is in our hearts. When we are filled with awe for all of creation, we closely heed the call to serve our guidance. Awebedience gives us the will to follow the guidance we know we must follow. Once we do, we no longer need to follow because it is set into motion.


Axiotonal Lines: A term from Dr. J.J. Hurtak’s The Keys of Enoch. “The axiotonal lines connect the acupuncture mapping of the human biological system with superior astrobiological analogs.” p. 567


Balanced Positive: The Balanced Positive state is the energy of Oneness, of the undefined nature of God, which occurs when the male and female energies are in perfect harmony. It is not the balance between good and bad.


Beingness: We are in this state when we have let go of control and do not try to make everything happen. It is simply Being who you really are, having shed all the things you believe you are and think you must be. Absolute Beingness is a state beyond all judgment, beyond Frmee Will, within Oneness.


Belief system: A rigid thought form or idea about the nature of reality. It is closely related to Judgment. There are no Belief systems without Judgments. We hold onto our beliefs with the Rational mind. The term belief is not being used as in the sentence “I know that Love is the most important thing.” This is a Universal Truth. If you truly believe in something, you need not hold onto it, you don’t have to believe, you just Know! The word “belief” is used in this book to describe fear-based, limiting thought patterns and ideas about the nature of reality. At its very core, a belief contains doubt.   


Betzelmenu:  åðîìöá: Image as in a photograph from the Hebrew, Tzilum, îåìhö.

 Bina: vbhc: Understanding inherent within Chochma (wisdom). Bina is part of The Tree of Life when it is in harmony with Chochma. When separated from Chochma, it is called Bina2.


Bina2: Knowledge of Good and Bad. The Rational mind, is related to the mind of doubt. It is a limited, finite form of thought that is based in knowing from past experience in a defined way. Bina2 is one of the Sefirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Knowledge.

BLT – Bottom Line Truth: A very deep Truth that encompasses and is the foundation for all other things. If you were able to directly experience all the BLTs written of in this book, you would be enlightened to a most wonderful degree. The BLTs are closely related, and at times the same, as the CaNs.


Bria: vthrc: The Kabbalistic World of Mind that became doubled, after Adam and Eve ate from The Tree of Knowledge, from the Divine Mind into Rational mind.(Fire Element)


CaN: Choices that are No Choice (plural). Choice that ain't No Choice (singular). Because we are still in duality consciousness, to choose Love seems like a choice in contrast to choosing fear, when there is really no choice at all than to choose love. For example, there is no choice in being a racist. We are all One. All races are equal. For example, when I wake up to the Truth about who I am, I see there is no choice in trying to control another.


Chakra: Sanskrit for “wheel.” Our chakras are funnels of spinning energy located on the front and back, as well as on our crown and base, of our bodies. They draw in the Universal energy that is the source of all life. There are seven chakras located on the body and nine chakras in total.

Chesed sxj: Kindness, Mercy, Compassion. The term Chesed is one of the Sefirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.


Chochma:  vnfj: Wisdom. The type of thought of the divine mind, derived from feeling. It is intuition, guidance. Within Chochma, there is direct knowing making Chochma related to Da’at, True Knowledge. The term Chochma is one of the Sefirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.


Choice: A mental function we use to choose between love-based reality and fear-based reality, between allowing and controlling, between equality and power-over. To concept is not the same as going to a store and having the option to select a pear, an apple or a plum. That’s an “option.” Here Choice is between the two types of reality named above. 


The Circle of Nine: The Circle of Nine is a collection of Universal ways of Being, of love and harmony arranged into nine circles, by which you can choose to live for the purpose of healing. The ways of Being are discussed and explained in The Last Four Books of Moses.  Once you succeed in healing yourself, you no longer need the Circle of Nine.


Collective Consciousness: Consciousness that we share as a people. There are collective consciousnesses within different cities, countries, regions etc. Fear also creates another type of collective consciousness. We exist with “Oneness collective consciousness” when we all exist without resistance and outside of our fear-based reality of duality.


Con Trolls: Those who wish to control and maintain illusion. One of their tools is doubt.


Control: Using force to control a situation, trying too hard, imposing your will onto someone else. It is judgment and fear-based. It is not used in the more positive context of being in control of yourself or having a situation under control. Letting go of control does not mean, “not being in charge.”


Da’at: ,gs: Knowledge. This type of Knowledge is direct knowing from experience. It is not knowledge of the contents of a book or subjects like math or history. That is Bina. The term Da’at is one of the hidden Sefirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.


Dabndoog: It is good and bad cut up by going through the definition-dicing, spinning blade of the Ever-Turning Sword.


Delusion: Believing something to be true that is based in illusion. A delusion is the same as a Belief system.

Dimyon: iåhîã: Imagination.

Discernment: Is using your wisdom to determine whether something or someone is behaving or acting out of Love or Fear. Seeing that something is coming from fear or the desire to control, doesn’t mean you are judging that fear or desire for control. You are simply seeing it as it is – fear and desire for control. To discern the fear without judging it doesn’t mean condoning it or that you want it to exist. The purpose of discernment becomes important when we wish to heal ourselves from our fear-based world.


Doctrine of Signatures: In botanical medicine and herbology, the doctrine of signatures decrees a plant’s appearance reveals its medicinal properties. For example, Ledum palustre has many dots on its leaves, which appear to be little holes. The remedy is commonly used for puncture wounds.


Doubt: It’s a thing of the past, related to the Rational mind.


Duality: Existing within Unbalanced Positive and Unbalanced Negative instead of Balanced Positive. Also existing when both love and fear exist as a reality for us, although fear is not a true reality.


Efferent: To give out. In the body’s nervous system, the brain uses efferent nerves to send commands to the muscles. It is male in nature.


Ego: Energy that resists the superconduction of Love through you. It is the Self within the self. It is created by the action of the Rational mind, which is the mind of doubt. Ego exists in a void absent of Love.


Ehye Usher Ehye: vhvt rat vhvt: “I shall be as I shall be’. Also translated, “I AM that I AM’. A state of consciousness of a Being who is One with Allthatis. It is beheld within the Time of Forwardness. Alternate meaning related to allowishing, “I wish to be and so I shall be.”


Esser Sefirot:  ,urhpx raò: Ten branches of The Tree of Life.

Faith: Pure faith is beheld effortlessly within the heart and mind of a person who has released doubt. It is absolute knowing, beyond resistance and doubt. Faith is also acting in Love and Truth, despite feeling fear or doubt.


Fear-based: Any choice, action or comment that comes from fear. This includes the fear of dying or the fear of getting hurt. It also includes behaving in a manner that controls, judges, or tries to take just for oneself (selfishness). Anything not based in Love is fear-based. Fear-based choices that we think we must make are an illusion. Fear is always an illusion, thus, one thing that we can always know for sure is that there is nothing to fear (6th Circle). But this is not the same as saying, “There is nothing I wish for” or “There is nothing I love.”


Flame of the Ever-Turning Sword, The: The flame of the sword that spins at the threshold blocking the way back to the Garden of Eden. Gen 3:24 To return to Eden and The Tree of Life, one must go through this final barrier.   


Four Worlds, The Kabbalistic: 1) Atzilut , Source,

The World of Yod, h, The Great Undefined.

 2) Bria, The World of the Mind. 3) Yetzirah, the World of Emotions and Creativity. 4) Assiyah, The World of the Physical and Action.


Frmee Will: The Will of the self within the self. Selfish will. For me, me, me. It resides in self-conscience, which feels like guilt. It is the energy of our ego and gives us the potential to choose outside of our true nature in fear, doubt, and judgment-based choices. Fear-based choices come from Frmee Will in the World of Illusion.


Game, The: The Game is life in the physical world where your true nature is put to the test. It is having choice between Love and Fear. 


Ganallisone: Another word for the Garden of Eden, where all is One. Gan (pronounced “gun”) is the Hebrew word for “Garden.” It is the same as the World to Come.


Gan Edan: ïãò ïâ: The Garden of Eden, The World to Come, Ganallisone.

Gematria: The numerical value for a Hebrew letter or word.


Gevourah: vrucâ: Strength. Discernment. When balanced with its counterpart “Chesed” (Mercy/Compassion), Gevourah is Strength, Discernment and one of the ten sefirot that exist on the left column of The Tree of Life. When separated from Chesed, it is called Gevourah2, and represents Judgment.


Gevourah2: Gevourah2 is the true nature of Gevourah, Strength, turned around, becoming Judgment of Good and Bad and Control, which comprises up part of the left column of The Tree of Knowledge for Good and Bad.


God: The Creator, Love. Hashem. Balanced Positive and undefined. Experienceable, but not rationally knowable or quantifiable, just as you may feel Love, but you cannot explain or hold onto it in a rational manner. God is Allthatis from the verb “to be” and the most sacred names of God, vhvt and vuvh, which means everything that is, that is True. Anything else, is untrue, illusion. The Balanced Positive, God, therefore is not comprised of the balance between Good and Bad. It is AllGood.


Hanuchash: ajbv: The Serpent. That which opposes Love.


Hara: Ball-like energy center located two inches below the navel. From this energy center comes our will to live. It is the propeller of Forwardness. (Fig. 1 and 1b)


Hashem: nav: A commonly used name of God. 

Hebrews: Chosen people to take on the vibration of the Tree of Knowledge for Good and Bad and then to move through that vibration and return to the Tree of Life vibration. Chosen to play the Game of Life. A Hebrew person is not limited to being Jewish, but can also include those who align him or herself with Higher consciousness for Love and the healing of the planet. The Hebrews are the Hoovids, from the civilization of Hoova.


Hod: One of the branches (Sefirot) of The Tree of Life. Also translated as “splendor.” It has to do with how you feel about yourself. Hod is part of The Tree of Life when it is in harmony with Netzhach (self-esteem). When it is separated from Netzach, and turns onto itself, it is called Hod2.


Hod2: Vanity, haughtiness. It is the true feeling of self-esteem turned around so that the person is absorbed in their self-importance. One of the Sefirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Knowledge.


Homeopathic Elixir of Life, The: A combination of different homeopathic remedies that match the fallen layers of our genes. For the purpose of healing those genes and helping us return to our true nature. 

Homeopathy: A powerful, gentle medicine based on the universal healing principle of “like cures like” (Latin: Similimum similibus curentur). This means that the same substance in nature that causes a specific, unique disease-state in a healthy individual, will cure another person who is ill with that specific, unique diseased state regardless of whether or not that person was previously influenced by that substance. See more in Appendix C.


Hoova vcuv: The Civilization of Love. It is a “state’ of unconditional love that is the Messianic consciousness. The Hoovids come from Hoova. (related to the Kabbalistic World of Assiyah)

Humility: Seeing all of creation with awe and wonder and feeling full of gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of it. Feeling blessed to share the experience of life with all equal Beings. Humility is Love. Humility is also accepting the simplicity of greatness and seeing that all people, in their true nature, are great.


Ibeall world: The Ibeall world is the World where I am One with everything. It is beyond Frmee will and it is where will is one with feeling, thus there is no distinction or necessity to clarify which is which. In the Ibeall world, all that I am is Beingness.

Illusion: What is not real and yet can be experienced as being real. It is the opposite of Truth and therefore is the same as fear. The fallen energies are all based in illusion.

Judgment: A label that we put on something when we think it is bad, or wrong. It is a decision outside of Love, related to a Belief system, because we believe something must be a certain way, we judge it as bad when it is not. Judgment is not to be mistaken for Discernment. When one makes a judgment, one is blocking the flow of Love within them by placing a “bad” label on something. When one makes a discernment, one is seeing where something is coming from and whether or not they would like to be aligned with it or not. Judgment is Gevourah2.

Kabbalah:  vkce: “That which is revealed.” There are many texts written on Kabbalah, the most infamous being The Zohar, by Rabbi Shimone Bar Yochai, yet the Kabbalah remains the unwritten mystery from the sea of Truth that is revealed to each person who opens his or her heart and mind to receive.

Kidmutenu: åðúåîãë: From the Hebrew word Dama, vîã, which means “to compare, to resemble.” However, there is another word from the same root with a different meaning: The Hebrew word Dima, vîhã, which means “to imagine.

Knowledge (True): A deep sense of direct knowing that comes from the experience of the Source that is One with the divine.

Love: Love is God. The definition of Love in the Keys of Enoch glossary is: “The substance of Eternal Life. It is created in the believer by the Shekinah holy spirit.” p. 586. The essence of Love ranges far beyond its romantic concept. It is kindness, humility, courage, charity, faith, strength, joy, patience, gratitude, effortless and all the things that make you glow golden.

Messed-Up Humility: Feeling guilty for greatness and attempting to hide or lessen it. Shrinking so that others won’t feel insecure around you. Listening to the grumpy old judgmental voice that says, “Who do you think you are?” Worrying way too much about coming sounding egotistical. It is your true nature blocked up in Unbalanced Positive and has been a very deep issue preventing your return to your true nature. Messed-up Humility is denying who you are!

Miasm: A disease that is passed on genetically.

Mirror-imagine: The state of consciousness in which we exist that is the negative, like the negative of a photograph, of the consciousness of our Higher Self. It is our Higher Self mirrored inward held in our imagination.

Moshiach: jhaî: The Messiah. An Age equivalent to the World to Come. It is the Return to Eden. It is a state of consciousness of absolute, unconditional Love for all people and all nations. It is not embodied or brought by one person (on a donkey), but by many people awakened to that state of consciousness.

Nabulous: Being cloudy in the Unbalanced Positive. From New Age Bull (NAB)!

Netzach jmb: It is the self-esteem felt being in service to God and one of God’s creations. The term Netzach is one of the Sefirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Oneness: A state of Being or consciousness of the Balanced Positive. It is collective consciousness beyond all fear and judgment. Oneness is God.

Or L’Goyim – Light unto the nations.

Others/Opposition: The opposition to Love. The energy that tries to keep you tied to the past and to doubt. They are the Con Trolls whose realm is in illusion. The others were created by God for the purpose of creating challenge in The Game, but do not make up part of the balance of God.

Physical: The World in which we live and the state in which we exist as human beings. It includes the definition of a human as having two arms, two legs and the senses to feel, taste, see, hurt, and enjoy. To be trapped in the physical means to believe we are rooted to the Earth and limited only to the physical body within which we live. To give up all fear, resistance, and illusion and achieve Oneness, is still to remain physical (two arms, legs, senses) yet it is to no longer remain trapped in a dense body. It is to be in this world, but not of this world.

Rational Mind: Also Bina2. The Rational mind works based in the past. Having learned something to be a certain way in the past, the rational mind holds onto this past experience as if it is reality. The Rational mind becomes fixated onto this learned piece of information. This mind is separated from our true nature and is doubt-based. The Rational mind is in conjunction with everything outside of the Love spectrum. It is at the core root of judgment, and fear and is related to the ego. It is associated with trying to be like God in knowing what is Good and Bad, or right and wrong.


Seals of the chakras: These are primordial energy blockages that sit in between the front and rear chakras in our body, blocking off our experience of Oneness and resulting in Duality. They began after Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge for Good and Bad.

Self within the Self: This is the part of us that is trapped within ourselves and looks out only for ourselves. It began a long time ago when we felt scared for the first time or were hurt and began to look out for ourselves. It is self-conscious, meaning not only that it always looks out for itself but also looks at itself. It feels guilty. It is the same as the ego and empowers Frmee Will.


Shekinah: vbhfa: The Goddess. She is also the Holy Spirit. Ruach HaKodesh, ùãuev çåø.

Three Major Delusions, The: 1) Trying to Be like God in Being Better than others (Hod2) 2) In Knowing better than others (Bina2) and 3) Knowing Good and Bad,  passing judgment on others (Gevourah2). Read more about the Three Major Delusions in Appendix B.

Three Treasures, The: Chinese Medicine philosophy that states the relationship between Mind, Qi (Energy), and Blood. The mind governs the Qi which governs the Blood. We can translate this also to be Mind governs the Emotions which governs the Body.


Threshold, The: The threshold is the limit between duality and Oneness. It is poised right at Zero point. Although crossing the threshold involves releasing Frmee Will and reemerging into the Time of Forwardness and a state of AllGood, it does not mean going somewhere else. It is Here and Now and has always been. The Flame of the Ever-Turning Sword sits at the Threshold.


Tikkun Olum: The Healing/Reparation of the World.

Time of Forwardness: This is the time of Ehye Usher Ehye, I shall be as I shall be, when the past has been completely released. It is the World to Come. 


Tree of Life: From the Kabbalah, The Tree of Life is a model used to describe the different levels of reality and the nature of a human being. On the Tree of Life, there are 10 branches, called the Esser Sefirot, which have specific attributes, just as the different chakras located on our body have different attributes. The fruit from The Tree of Life grant immortality and are eaten in The Garden of Eden.


Truth (Universal): Truth that cannot be defined. Truth is God/Goddess/The Absolute/The Balanced Positive/Love. It is a way of Being experienced through the feeling of a Soul that has given up fear and judgment. It cannot be conveyed rationally without limiting its infinite, undefined nature, which would render it non-truthful. It can be known through direct experience. It is Universal and thus experienced in the same essence in myriad different ways. When Truth is written with a capitol “T,” Truth refers to the Truth that is Universal for all Beings.


Tzarah: vrm: Trouble, distress, conflict. In Yiddish, it is Tzouris. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, used Tzarah to describe the genetic predisposition to disease (Miasm) stemming from the “original sin.” He called it “Psora.”         


Unbalanced Negative: The energy and way of fear, control, judgment, power over, greed, and bottomless pit desire. It is the male when it is separated from the female. It is in competition with the Creator and tries to be like God inanotsoniceway.


Unbalanced Positive: The energy and way that tries to make everything and see everything as perfect and will not see recognize a negative situation. It is mistaking non-judgmentalness for saying that everything is okay, no matter what. It is denying what is there to see, if it is seen as negative. It leads to suppression. It is also shrinking or putting yourself in a box so that you don’t make people feel insecure or threaten them. It is being goody-two-shoes and overly polite, like apologizing when someone steps on your foot. It is also being giving at the wrong time. It is related to NAB. Focusing on the positive in a situation is good. This is not unbalanced positive. Always seeing the good in a situation is divine. When you can only see the good and you are blind to the Bad, you are being Unbalanced Positive. It is how the female energy can be when separated from the male.


Unconscious/Subconscious:  Something that exists or occurs beyond our conscious awareness.


Y Factor: Also written as the “. Factor.” It is the need to know, and the need to control and holding onto fixed ideas about the way things are. It fears the unknown and is closely related to the Rational mind.


Yetzir HaRah: The same as Frmee Will and the will to resist. This is the “bad” will, the will that opposes God. It was adopted from the Serpent after we ate from the Tree of Knowledge for Good and Bad..


Yetzir HaTov: Our “good” will one with God’s Will.

Yetzirah: vrhmh: The Kabbalistic World of Emotions and Creativity that became doubled after the Tree of Knowledge from Divine Emotions into negative emotions. (Water Element)


Zero Point: The same as Balanced Positive and Oneness. A state/place at the core of your true that is nature beyond all limitations. It represents the marriage point between your finite and infinite selves. It is poised upon the threshold between the reality of duality and Oneness. The term “zero point” was borrowed from Greg Braden’s concept in Awakening to Zero Point. It is beyond the magnetic field of the Earth reality.


Zone of Cold, The: The point of pure potentiality at which no movement of molecules on the physical plane occurs. This is zero resistance. Zero Kelvin, or absolute zero, in a spiritual sense. The point of pure potential, where anything is possible known as the zero point field. This term was derived from The Only Planet of Choice.


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