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Introducing the Moe-Joe Cell - Improved Spherical Joe cell that is smaller, less expensive, and a more efficient form of the Joe cell.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


How to Assemble and Build the Moe-Joe - Video

Additional notes on improved design:

1) There is some debate about where to apply the +ve and the -ve - currently, many of us in the Northern Hemisphere have decided that it is important to apply the +ve to the inner sphere and the -ve to the outer. This seems to comply with the opposite electromagnetic field as the Southern Hemisphere, and therefore, the attributes of Male and Female would be +ve for Female and -ve for Male, since the female MUST be on the inside, and the male on the outside.

2) If possible, try to get a 4" stainless steel non-magnetic 1/4" threaded the whole way bolt. It is easier to work with than the 3" when using a 5" outer sphere. If you just do a 3 sphere Moe-Joe design, then the 3" bolt is fine.

3) Not shown in this video is another possible idea that i have tried - it involves having a hollow threaded tube to pass the cathode bolt (the bolt that runs all the way into the inner sphere) - what you would do, is drill a large whole on the opening at the top - insert your threaded hollow tube - diameter must be at least 3/8" - secure your threaeded tube with a nut on inside and out, then you pass your INSULATED cathode bolt up through the hollow threaded tube, and make sure it sticks out the top. Then, secure a nut at the end of the cathode bolt, making sure it is not insulated in its length that sticks out beyond the hollow threaded tube - and secure it. Use plastic nut. This way, the magnetic field of the wires applied to the Moe-Joe are already in alignment. (make sure the hollow threaded tube is stainless steel - i used brass and it corroded pretty quickly)


May 2007 - this was the old Method of Assembly!!

Easter Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I have uploaded a short 2 min video demonstrating some very exciting and clear observations -

there is a comparison of the difference with the non-magnetic (316L) stainless only Moe-Joe versus a somewhat magnetic Moe-Joe which has 304 stainless in it.

The difference may be between 304 and 316, or simply the fact that the 304 is magnetic.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Demonstration of the Moe-Joe in action - this is a new Moe-Joe cell design, with only 3 spheres, and completely non-magnetic.

Demonstration of the Moe-Joe in action - this is the older design, though it is assembled better, and this stainless steel is slightly magnetic.

check out this video demonstrating a clear Figure 8 pattern immerging after a filtering with blue shop towels by Kimberly-Waverly



Saturday, June 24th, 2006

this was the old assembly process. I am using better steel now, and seeking the completely non-magnetic Moe-Joe experience. The new Moe-Joe I am using, is only 3 spheres - 4", 3", and 2" and completely NON-magnetic. The energy it emits in the area is very peaceful, calming, and energizing.

2", 3", 4", and 5" diameter 316 stainless. (the 2" and 3" are practically non-magnetic, but both the 4" and the 5" will stick a rare-earth magnet. Not ideal, but doesn't seem to affect the charging of the water process)

This video is dedicated to Walt, who had wanted to see the Moe-Joe in action, charging. It is low quality, but you can really get a sense of the foam that is being created at around the 45 second point, when I show a side-shot of the foam "mound."

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

I have just updated the design of the Moe-Joe. It includes very little loss of magnetic field. The entire inner sphere is surrounded by the outer sphere. The electromagnetic field is almost perfect, with the exception of a few holes for bubble exit and water circulation. The pictures shown below dated May 8th are of an older design and have a gap between the hemispheres, and also use aluminum tape. The new design has no gap, or a very very small one, and I am now using stainless steel tape, which is non-magnetic and very strong. 


Cathode going through holes drilled into stainless spheres. The cathode is contacting the outer part of the inner sphere, and on the inside, is insulated with a rubber ring. The head of the bolt is also insulated with a small white plastic cap, as also seen covering the head of the bolt on the anode below. 


Here the other hemispheres are mounted together with Buna. I only use a dab of goop in the Buna as shown in the center of the 3" sphere shown here. The anode is contacting the inner surface of the outer sphere and is insulated from the outer surface. I put a little plastic cap on the head to prevent head of anode bolt from reacting with the -ve inner sphere. 

Here is the entire Moe-Joe Improved assembly docked. The stainless steel tape was not holding in the water, so I cut two pieces to do the entire circumference. This way, they will hold. The cathode bolt is screwed into a 1/4" threading which is insulated with shrink wrap. The other end of the 1/4" threading has a bolt coming out of the bottom of the glass, which will receive the negative electricity.


Please check out this video of the Moe-Joe Surface tension - you will see, as I dip the spoon into the water, that the entire surface responds, both when the spoon goes in and when it comes out. Also, note the jelly-like consistency of the water. It is a little tough to see, but if you watch closely, you will catch it.
Have you ever seen water behave in this fashion? (when it wasn't frozen, that is)




May 8th 2006

Assembly of the Moe-Joe Cell

The three outer hemispheres are now BUNA-N'd together (no glue), and I leave the inner sphere loose until the cathode is properly connected.

Note: I do place a piece of 1/2" cut Buna on the bottom of the hemisphere where I am mounting another hemisphere - it is there only in place until the other three pieces of Buna are in place, and then i take out the bottom piece, as it is no longer needed.


The inner sphere has a hole drilled into it so that the bolt carrying the -ve charge comes up through the bottom, through the holes in the three outer spheres and connects with the outside of the inner sphere. The bolt actually goes through to the inside, but is insulated, not touching, electrically, the inner surface of the inner sphere, and the head of the bolt has a plastic hat on which is gooped and sealed, so not in contact with the water.

Once this is done, I attach the second hemisphere of the inner sphere to the one with the bolt, and i tape them together using aluminum tape. I won't drink too much of this water, due to the use of aluminum, but results are still good with this setup.

  Then i use BUNA-N pieces to hold the inner sphere to the other hemispheres, and then I close them together as close as possible - due to the cathode bolt coming through the bottom and the bottom to the positive outer sphere (seen in pic below) the hemispheres will stay slightly open and apart, allowing the gas to escape. It usually does so in steady gas production and every once in a while will yield big burps of bubbles. Once the anode is bolted in,
notice the setup of the anode - the electricity is only contacting the inner surface of the outer sphere and there is a rubber ring where the bolt is attached on the outer surface - this helps physically secure the entire setup and holds the Moe-Joe in place. Then i use two pieces of aluminum tape to hold the cell together, and i apply a small piece of that tape in reverse on the sticky side to ensure passing of the current across the hemisphere gap. If i didn't add this extra piece of tape, the aluminum glue on the sticky side would not conduct across the gap, and that is what we want.


The Moe-Joe Cell Assembled and Submerged

  In the near future, I will close all the spheres, and have the bolts running through a hole drilled into each of the spheres -I would like to see how this affects the performance of the Moe-Joe. Oh, and he he, yes, there will be holes for the gas to escape.


More Moe-Joe Pics

May 27th 2006: This picture is particularly interesting - notice the very white quality of the water surrounding the bubbles. I would describe it best as milky white. It was like pure cream, even more so than the pic below of May 24th. 1 hour later, around half the bubbles seen in this picture are still present on the water and that is while the water and cell are uncovered.

Milky white close-up, of many tiny bubbles


May 24th 2006: This result is even better than that achieved on May 16th. This is the first charge after the cooking and filtering, but only for 10 minutes this time.

May 16th 2006

After applying Bernie's Cooking method, I may even have achieved stage 3 here with the Moe-Joe Cell! These are the best results i have seen to date with the Moe-Joe Cell with no electrolyte!!

Joe Cell Pics Below

August 29, 2007

A stage 3 looking foam after only 1 minute charging at around 3.5 amps on 150 volts, rectified AC from mains.

May 23rd 2006

After another filtration, charging for 2 minutes - with 1.8 amps from the 120V rectified AC) this is with no electrolyte and after around 4 filtrations of the water. Slight discolouration near the central tube.

May 16th 2006

Successful Stage 3 after Bernie's Cooking the Water Method! (3 minutes of charging at 1.5 amps using 120 rectified AC)

Interesting "Sun pattern" observation.

May 14th 2006 - after charging for 2.5 minutes

Last Week's May 8th 2006

Little to no activity between the 3rd and the 4th cylinders. We turned the fourth cylinder upside-down, and the problem seems to have gone away - now all spaces between the cylinders are showing activity, with the most activity outside the inner cylinder.

note between the 3rd and the 4th cylinder - no bubble activity in the above picture and a marked lower amount in the picture below.


Moshe Daniel's Healing Chamber (formerly known as the ORGONizer)

Click on image or HERE to play video describing the Healing Chamber -

Shooter Box extraordinaire - featuring crystals for each chakra with piping and magnets to direct the flow between the chakras, two shooter boxes collecting the most amazing energy of the Moe-Joes, 3 pieces of orgonite, and much, much more! This design is Moshe Daniel's unique creation - offered for your information and pleasure, exclusively here, at (and through If you reproduce this device, please give credit where credit is due with a proper reference.  (İİ - see Moshe Daniel's notes on collective copyright).

Moshe's Caduceus Staff

I built a staff with 4 copper pipes (.75", 1.25", 1.75" and 2.25")
all placed within each other, filled with water (charged with Joe Cell). I made the inside layers lined with female magnets, that is the magnets pointed north toward the center, (drawing in the ether) and the outer two pipes are male, having their north poles facing outside of the staff. This leaves the 2 south pole layers facing each other south to south. It creates a dynamic tension... which I now understand means "Scalar waves." Brilliant! That is how i came up with to "reproduce" Joe Cell magnetically.
The energy of the staff is very healing and very powerful. It is my magic wand that helps me get right in there for the Joe Cell.